Founded 1889 – Affiliated to Yorkshire Naturalists' Union

Low North Camp bat survey @ Low North Camp
Jun 8 @ 21:15 – 23:30

Meet at Low North Camp at SE9474 9522. Drive through metal entrance gates on left after going over river and park in bays on left.

We hope to cover at least 6 points of this site and the results will be utilised to decide where to locate some bat boxes. A survey in 2017 identified at least 5 species of bat using the site.

Ravenscar tunnel bat survey
Jun 22 @ 20:30 – 21:30

There are proposals to open up the Ravenscar tunnel to cyclists and walkers. There is little information on bat usage at this site apart from winter hibernation surveys carried out over he last few years. To date a single bat was recorded in 2016 is the only positive. There is a second hand record of the tunnel having a ‘significant’ roost present but this is based on bats seen in the area and may have little to do with the tunnel. This is the third of three visits to determine if there is any use of the site by bats during the breeding season. We shall look at bats in the tunnel and, if sufficient people  also look at what bats are using the surrounding area.

Meeting point will be on the road adjacent to the NT visitor centre at Ravenscar

Contact for this event is Nick Gibbons tel 07790 113025.

Broad Head Farm bat survey
Aug 10 @ 19:45 – 23:15

Meet at top of the public road north of Givendale Head Farm at SE 8944 8770 at 19.45. There is a drive to the site through the forest so please make sure you let Nick Gibbons you are coming so as not to leave anyone behind.  We know here is some good bat activity here and Noctules have been found roosting in the nearby bat boxes. Again the plan is to erect some additional boxes at the farm depending on what we find.

Low North Camp bat survey – second visit
Aug 17 @ 20:15 – 22:45

This is the second visit for this site which has been shown to have a good range of bats. As before enter the site through the metal gates on the left after crossing the stream and park in bays just down the concrete road. Entrance is at SE 9474 9522

Bat walk at Staindale lake @ Lower car park adjacent to the lake
Aug 21 @ 20:15 – 22:45

A repeat of last years successful event and a joint meeting with Ryedale Nats.

Cropton Cabins bat survey
Aug 24 @ 20:00 – 22:30

A brief survey was done here in 2017 and four species of bat were identified using the site. The data was used to assist in the gaining of a conservation grant for the site. The survey will aim to identify the best location to site the boxes funded by the grant. Meet at the Cabins car park at SE 7570 9180 at 20.00hrs.

Bird watching from Bridlington on the Bridlington Belle
Sep 2 all-day

This is an RSPB trip. Details can be found on the RSPB web site.


Rob Stark and Nick Gibbons will coordinate lifts etc taking as few cars as possible but it will be the individual’s responsibility to book and pay for the event.

Please contact Rob Stark or Nick Gibbons if you are interested.


Keys Beck bat survey
Sep 7 @ 19:30 – 22:15

This is a repeat survey from 2017 where we found 3 species of bats but surprisingly no activity over the water bodies where we would expect Daubenton’s bat to be active. The eather was not ideal in 2017 and hopefully we will be blessed with better see what bats are suing the site. Meet at the Forest gate at SE 8006 9636 at 19.30hrs.

Whale watching
Sep 10 @ 16:45 – 20:45

This visit will be from Whitby with ‘Whitby Whale Watching’ ( It is usually a 4hr trip. Details of costs etc are on the web site.


Between Rob Stark and Nick Gibbons we will arrange lifts to Whitby, taking as few cars as necessary. It will be the individual’s responsibility for booking and paying for the trip but we will coordinate lifts, times etc. and ensure the day runs smoothly.


Please contact Rob Stark or Nick Gibbons if you are interested

Ravenscar tunnel bat survey 13th Jan 2019 @ Ravenscar NT vsitor Cenre car park
Jan 13 @ 10:00 – 12:30

We will be doing a  bat hibernation survey on the tunnel. It is likely to be cold and also wet underfoot so warm clothes and stout footwear essential. You will also need a good torch.

Meet at the NT visitor Center park at 10.00am.