Founded 1889 – Affiliated to Yorkshire Naturalists' Union

WhatsApp Group for Scarborough Nats members


After some discussions we have decided to try a WhatsApp group for Scarborough Nats members only. This is now set up and ready for use.

The WhatsApp group of the Scarborough Naturalists is being created to share records and sightings of wildlife and natural history within our recording area. Anything related to wildlife and natural history, including archaeology and geology if it relates to wildlife, of this area is welcome. Advertising of events, expressions of political views etc will not be allowed.

A number of concerns have been expressed by members during discussions on setting up a WhatsApp group:-

  • Please be aware that joining this group does mean that all members of the group will have access to your telephone contact details, but will be limited to Society members only.
  • The worry that there would be constant ‘pinging’ can readily be overcome as this feature can easily be turned off allowing you to access the group postings as and when you wish to view it without hearing any notification.

To set up your membership of the group you will need to send me an email requesting to go onto the group and include a suitable phone number that you wish to use for this purpose. This email will be kept as your approval to hold your details in the system. If you have any questions please let me know.

Please be aware that whether you join this group or not you will still get all the standard notifications from the Society such as emails, newsletters etc.