Founded 1889 – Affiliated to Yorkshire Naturalists' Union

Troutsdae bat point survey July 30th
Jul 30 @ 21:15 – 23:00

A check on what is using the farm area and to provide some useful information for a conservation plan for the area. Contact Nick Gibbons 07790 113025 for details.

Throxenby Pot Luck social
Aug 16 @ 19:15 – 21:15

A chance to have a social get together and witness some dusk activity around the mere. Bring some snacks to share and something to drink and also a chair as we appear to be down to one table now!!!!! Contact Nick Gibbons 07790 113015 if you are interested.

Trees of Wykeham Forest with Brian Walker
Aug 20 @ 13:30 – 16:30

A chance to have another go at learning all those trees and see something  of Wykeham Forest as well.  Meet at the Research office at Wykeham North Moor SE947863.

Silpho bat point survey Aug 26th
Aug 26 @ 22:30 – 23:00

A point survey around the village of Sipho. Contact Nick Gibbons for further details on 07790 113025

Bat survey of Seamer Mere – Sept 10th
Sep 10 @ 20:00 – 23:00

There is considerable amount of work being done by SBC regarding trees and shrubs around the Mere. The Council is keen to add various bird and bat boxes. We will do a point survey of the site to determine which bats are using the area. Contact Nick Gibbons 07790 113025 if you are interested.

Seashore and Rock-pooling
Sep 11 @ 10:00 – 14:00

A chance to see some of the creatures that we only see at really low tides. The tides are a bit awkward this year and so we have only organised the one event for this. Contact John Hume on 07717 220152 if you are interested.

Merlins of the North Yorkshire Moors – Wilf Norman. 13th Sept 2022 @ Scarborough Rugby Club
Sep 13 @ 19:30 – 21:00

Merlins have been in general decline across our patch. Wilf will update us how they are getting on and maybe what the future holds.

Trees by Brian Walker 11th Oct 2022 @ Scarborough Rugby Club
Oct 11 @ 19:30 – 21:00

After a walk round Deepdale this year with Brian most of us are still trying to absorb the wealth of information on how to identify some of the trees we have, particularly the numerous forest softwoods. Brian will try and reinforce our abilities to better understand this highly topical subject as we are all being encouraged to plant more trees.

Star gazing evening 19th Oct
Oct 19 @ 17:45 – 23:00

Our last star gazing session was a great success and by popular request we are organising another thanks to Howard. We have the opportunity to use Moorland House garden so we will be a bit better protected from passing traffic’s headlights. We have a fall back date for the following night if the weather is unsuitable.

Sunset 17.55, moon not rising til after midnight and Saturn culminating at 20.33, only low but should be OK from up there. We may even get some migrant birds passing through as we did last time.

Contact Howard Watson if you are interested.

Swifts – joint meeting with SBN. 8th Nov 2022 @ Scarborough Rugby Club
Nov 8 @ 19:30 – 21:00

It has been three years since we decided to start a Swift group in conjuction with the Scarborough Bird Club. We have been undertaking Swift surveys and carrying out various conservation activities such as putting up swift boxes over this period. We will review what progress we have made and where the project is likely to take us. This is a joint meeting with Scarborough Bird Club.